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Car Plummets Into Mission Bay

On Behalf of / Friday, 04 April 2014 / Published in Car Accident, Personal Injury

Man Trapped in Sunken Vehicle

Around 11:07 a.m. on Sunday, March 23 a car plummeted over a bridge into Mission Bay. The driver had lost control of the vehicle and went airborne into the bay. The man was trapped in the upside down vehicle for several minutes. Finally workers were able to get to him and pull him out.

The location of the accident was in the 1200 block of East Mission Bay Drive which is near the Fiesta Island Drive.

Eye Witness statement at Mission Bay

I heard an incredible noise. All I could think was a plane crashing.

A resident of the Bay Park, Patrick Barrett  was at a playground that was nearby and he heard a boom then a huge splash at the time of the accident. Patrick and several other nearby witnesses rushed to see what had happened at the crash site.

Kahillance, another witness at the Bay

It was amazing. People were just jumping in the water.

The day of the accident the Mission Bay‘s water was murky and near the accident was filled with sharp rocks. This made it hard for the rescuers to get to the victim. They say he was under the water for at least several minutes before the good samaritans were able to get him loose from the seat and pull him from the back door.

 Barrett’s statement about the victim being under water

He was under a long time. We were fishing around there 30 seconds or so.

Kahillane said that he was able to grab the victim’s belt and they pulled him up the embankment so they could finally get him to lay flat on his back.

The rescue workers finally arrived and then transported the victim. The victim was described as a thirty-one year old man. The condition of the thirty-one year old has not yet been released. Luckily there were no other passengers inside the car.

The CHP (California Highway Patrol) issued a Sig Alert and closed off the traffic from the SeaWorld drive exit from I-5 as the crash was cleared.


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