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Police Cruiser Rammed During Pursuit

On Behalf of / Tuesday, 08 April 2014 / Published in Car Accident, Personal Injury

Police Chase Ends With Police Cruiser Being Rammed

On Thursday, a policeman was in pursuit. According to the San Diego authorities, during the police pursuit a fleeing driver rammed the Sheriff Deputy’s patrol car. The driver then ran into the Bay Terraces area/neighborhood.

The male driver of the car that rammed the police cruiser was being sought. His female passenger was later arrested, according to Melissa Aquino, Sheriff Spokeswoman.

The crazy situations began around nine thirty that evening. That is when the Sheriff’s deputy tried to stop a car on Sweetwater Road in the Spring Valley area. That is when the driver of the car did not yield. The pursuit started and went to the Westbound Stat Route 54. The chase lasted for around ten minutes. At one point and time during the chase, the male driver even backed up and rammed the police cruiser.

The man took off on foot from his vehicle. The police then set up a perimeter to search for the missing driver. This was in the North of State Route 54 area. It was East of Briarwood Road in the Bay Terraces area. The police stated that the search was near Seabrook Lane. 

According to a neighbor in that area, the sheriff’s had a helicopter making rounds to make a broadcast, warning the residents to stay inside during the search. The description of the suspect was a: black, wearing a gray hat, had a scruffy goatee and possibly wearing  a gray shirt.  

Luckily the deputy was not injured, the reason for the attempted stop is unknown.

Source of the Police Chase Incident:

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