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Detective Arrested for DUI

On Behalf of / Wednesday, 09 April 2014 / Published in Personal Injury

Police Detective Found Passed Out in Parking Lot, Arrested for DUI

A detective from the San Diego Police Department was arrested when she was found passed out in her vehicle. The car was parked in Balboa Park. She did plead guilty for the DUI charge. She received a $2,133 fine as well as five years probation.

The detective, Karen Almos now was to complete a three-month DUI program. She was also ordered to participate in a “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” victim impact panel as well as twenty-four hours of volunteer work.

Karen who is forty-seven years old, was supposed to be “arraigned” on Tuesday however, her attorney, James Bishop went ahead and entered her plea bargain on Friday.

Karen has been with the SDPD for almost sixteen years. According to the report, she was found passed out in her vehicle around three,thirty in the evening on February 22. She was parked near the Balboa Park Club which is on Pan America Plaza.

James Bishop’s statement for Karen Almos

Ms. Almos has accepted full responsibility for her actions on Feb. 22, 2014. Even though she only drove a very short distance in a parking lot before realizing it would not be prudent to drive any further, she wished to resolve this isolated incident as quickly as possible. Ms. Almos apologizes to Chief Zimmerman, her fellow officers and to her friends and family for any embarrassment she may have caused them. She looks forward to continuing to help others in both her professional and personal life.


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